Effective Communication: Your Ultimate Writing Checklist

Gustav Corpas
6 min readFeb 29, 2024
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This article was last updated 02.29.2024.
I add principles as a come across them.

The following principles are not silver bullets. There may be situations where you decide to veer from the principles, but nonetheless I think it useful to know about them.

They represent things I have come across, and my goal is to make people (and myself) aware of common patterns in the way we write that often obscure the message or points in the text.


In the following you will read about what I think are good things to keep in mind to help you write more clearly:

  • Arguments before claims.
  • Show the action.
  • Show who is acting.

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Arguments before the claims

Many business models will go extinct in the future. This is because GDPR and digital privacy matters more and more.

I would argue that immediately leaping upon the reader with a strong claim creates a split-second of skepticism.



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